How to Turn Your Workplace into a Smart Workplace

smart workplace

When the word office hits our mind, we imagine a congested place with separate cabins filled with files and papers. A room full of noise and hustle bustle. Clicks and ticks of keyboards and shining lights of big old desktops. A round clock is placed in the center of the main hall. Employees see the clock and calculate the time in such a way that how many hours reaming to struck 5. The typical eight-hour duty is the most boring job ever. It’s more like an exhausting machine for many people. Even if you love the nature of your job, you’ll end up being exhausted due to the typical office routine and atmosphere.

The question arises here is that can we change the typical environment of our office? Have you ever thought of a smart workplace? You will still have the job you love but it will only make it interesting, easy and relaxing. Let me share some tips and methods which can help you turn your boring typical office into a smart workplace.

Plan it smart

If you are to transform your office to a smart workplace, plan it first. As planning is the initial and most important step while doing or starting up any kind of work. Buy yourself a notebook or a tablet, as you are transform your office into a smart place, you should be start it by planning it on a smart device. It will not only save your time but it will assist you in future.

Smart devices for smart office

Best thing to do when transforming your office is to replace old analog machines, big old pc and desktop with new smart devices. Replace your data drawers full of record papers with files to be placed and saved on the cloud system. Either you can use already available cloud like Google Drive or One cloud. If you have a huge office setup, you can get your own accessible cloud data. You can also have your own VPN done by small business IT support brisbane.

Robots can be good employees

When the word robot comes to the mind, we think of a machine man walking straight with an antenna on his head and having bulging eyes. Human robots is common now days. They serve as waiters, office boys and even cooks in many offices and organization. Robots can be good employees as they can do a lot of work without getting tired. Plus a robot can make your office look even smarter

Virtual meetings are fun

This is the world of virtual reality. Imagine you have to discuss something very important and it’s a holiday. No one would leave their long awaited family dinner to attend a meeting. If you replace old meetings with video chats, you’ll get your issues revolved.

How to get your real estate project financed by the bank

showing only that they know nothing about how the credit system works today.

They feel satisfied, because they put their insights in the circle and receive the convinced applause of Mrs. Maria who did not have the mortgage to buy the apartment built by one of their competitors (which the work has financed and sold to a other customer).

In doing so, they vent themselves but condemn themselves to failure.

They have to change their mind; those who work in the real estate sector must evolve because the market has evolved.Famous caricature of Darwin appeared on La Petite Lune, 1879.

Why do they continue to remain firm on their convictions, to use the same language of the time, to reason with the same mental schemes as their father or when the market was pulling?

They should look around, read the boards of their city.

They will be able to read, right?

In every Italian city there are advertisements of banks that offer mortgages to customers, usually with the reflection of the larks of the interest rate (Mrs. Maria loves to read the interest rate because she thinks that is the cost of money).

Spread of the zero point, great deals and if you come to the BB (Banca Boccaloni) also amazing offers for the summer! – promise advertisements.

Then one focuses and in small law, with an asterisk at the bottom of the poster of many offers: “maximum financing value up to 50%”.

You will remember very well that less than ten years ago the banks financed up to 100% of the purchase: with the complacency of a somewhat extroverted accountant friend and inflating the quotes a bit with the architect friend a bit ‘saucy, someone did finance to customers well over 100%.

Or maybe I tell heresies?

The pages of IL SOLE 24 ORE are full of statistics of this sector, a real wound in the Italian financial market; for guilt not only of the adventurous entrepreneurs, but in most of the banks themselves who pretended not to see, to do business.

The banks also financed the expenses of the notary, the accountant’s fee and the parking lot.

Hannibal has passed the Alps

Do you know what happens in a period of crisis?

Without boring you with learned theories of economic Darwinism, nor with graphs on the curves of economic cycles, I briefly tell you what is foreseen in the first historical book of finance: the Holy Bible.

In it, it tells about the seven years of lean and fat cows.

In the downstream periods of an economic cycle, it is scientifically proven that only the best companies survive.

How to finance the company

To  meet current production costs (purchase of raw materials, energy costs, compensation to personnel, payment of suppliers, etc.) and to invest in medium and long-term growth  (machinery, real estate, shareholdings, etc.),  l the company  continuously requires financial resources .

The turnover on the sale of goods and services in the majority of cases it is not enough to offset the exits and then produce a profit, especially if there are half a significant investment. What then can the sources of coverage be? There are several ways in which a company can meet its financing needs:

  • the ‘ self-financing :  at year-end shareholders may decide not to divide the profits, ie the difference between revenues and costs incurred during the period of exercise, but to reinvest in the business;
  • increase in share capital : shareholders may decide to confer new shares or issue new shares to be placed on the market if necessary;
  • financing : the company can apply for loans to banks or other professional investors, paying periodic interest on the amounts lent, but also to directly address the public with the issue of bonds . In the latter case, the financing will come from the underwriters of the bonds, of which the company will become debtor in the manner and within the terms established in the offer.